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Why do I need a backup?

Have you a plan should you suffer a data loss and how much time and money would it cost you should you suffer a failure?

A lot of small businesses have no plan should you lose data, what about virus's or ransomware? The thought is scary when you imagine how much damage it could cause to your business. Most small businesses have no plan due to cost, plus if you have never had a problem then why do you need it.

planb was conceived to offer enterprise level protection to the small local businesses that cannot afford such piece of mind. After the floods in Lancaster it was obvious that a lot of small businesses had no plans in place and this cost a number of small businesses heavily. Some even went out of business as a result of losing data, should you lose your accounts, sales information or important business documents could you continue to function.

This is where a planb DRAAS service would help.

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The DRAAS service

The planb DRAAS (Disaster Recovery as a service) service consists of a small server that stays on your site, this backs up all your important data safely and securely each day. Should you have a high speed data connection this will also backup offsite. Part of the service consists of a weekly site visit from our engineers to check the backup server and take an encrypted offsite copy. This way we know that should you need the backup it will be reliable, the offsite backup will also cover you in case of damage to the backup server.

We use HP hardware and high speed Western Digital disks within our backup servers, these servers can hold up to 12GB of storage and are more than capable of holding up to a full years backups on your data, thats 365 days worth of backups that can be accessed quickly.

An average backup time of a 1TB desktop or server is under 10 minutes and a full bare metal recovery can be done in under 10 - 15 minutes. Also you will receive 2 hours support time for your IT with every backup contract.

planb | Lancaster 01524 881270 & 01524 884814

What's different about our backups

We are well aware that other local providers offer a similiar service, thats because we designed, tested and implemented this for them. So what makes ours better?

Well other systems have been in place for many years and since 2017 only our services have continued to evolve. We are constantly improving our systems and as a result these are far more efficient, we hold a full years worth of backups, other local providers do not at best they often hold 2 weeks, or less! Our systems backup in under 10 minutes, theirs can take over 1 hour and effect performance of your systems whilst doing the backup.

Also we visit site once a week included in the package, others you may not see for months on end.

Well known local companies from Think Pink Skips, GTS White Lund metals, Askam Civil Engineering and many more use our services you can too and you would be surprised at how little this can cost.

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